About Magical Life Institute

Our Vision

We empower you to awaken your greatest passion and potential. We work together to transcend any perceived limitations by applying Magical Life Principles. We believe that as we each heal our wounds and expand into our True Selves we will also heal this earth and humanity. Let’s open our hearts and minds to the miracles that are created through the magic of imagination!


We provide education and resources for people (adults, teens and children) to reconnect with and remember the Magical Truth of who they are.

Our Approach to Education

We create a supportive environment where you develop and grow holistically, stepping beyond limiting beliefs and old thought programs to a place where you can embrace yourself and accept responsibility as the powerful co-creator of your life experience. View our Courses

Founder’s Message
The ability to heal resides within each of us. The scientist in me perceives life’s journey as a process, however the magician in me perceives life as being limitless and full of magic. The scientist in me has pushed me to explore body/mind research, the new biology and quantum physics. The magician in me has led me into meditation, visualization and energy healing. It is my journey that has brought me to the services I offer. I feel blessed to serve as a catalyst for others, knowing that we do this journey together, since, as both the worlds of Science and Spirit confirm – WE ARE ONE.