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If you knew you were powerful beyond measure would you make new choices?  We are living in a very exciting, yet challenging, time.  Our consciousness is emerging and expanding in ways we could only imagine a short time ago.  If you have felt like you were going “nuts”, and know that something in the world, and your life, needs to change, then our courses will help you.

Our courses are designed to assist you to experience yourself in a new way, to find and release limiting beliefs and blockages, to expand your experience of who you really are, what you are capable of and to empower you to take the action that supports you. Let the Magic begin!!!


Nurturing Your Magical Life


This course is intended to take you on a journey into yourself; to a place where you are supported to love and accept YOU, a place where you learn it is okay to trust yourself and free yourself from limited thinking.  It is a journey that will empower you “to be the change”.

If you have struggled with stress and the difficulty of living daily life as a spiritual being then this course is for you.  Do you wonder why things happen to you?  Do you sometimes feel like a victim?  Have you heard about the Law of Attraction and had a hard time making it work the way you want?  This course will walk you into your answers and support you to grow, learn and expand into the person you want to be…the one you just forgot you already are!

Nurturing Your Magical Life is offered in three levels, NYML101, 201 and 301.  This allows participants the opportunity to experience a gradual shift and integration process between the classes.  It is a practical and experiential journey that will assist to liberate your mind and heart and give you permission to nurture your inner magic in your everyday life, where you are free to create from the highest truth of who you are.

In the first level of Nurturing Your Magical Life you will discover what stress really is, how it effects you on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and what your stressors are.  Awareness is the first step to change.  With new awareness you will then learn ways to create the energy of calm and peace in the present moment. The Magical Life Principles will offer a new perspective to view life from and empower you to start a new experience in resonance with your True Self.

  • What is stress, become aware of your stress
  • Create a calm relaxed state, make new choices from a new perspective
  • The Magical Life Principles


In the second level you will learn supportive ways to Nurture the Body/Mind Temple. We will address both the physical and the subtle energy bodies and explore the impact of our belief systems on such areas as: self-love, forgiveness, judgement, acceptance, intention and affirmation.

  • Care of the physical and subtle bodies; we are what we think.
  • Self love, forgiveness, judgement
  • Acceptance, intention, affirmation


The third level of Nurturing Your Magical Life is all about living life from a place of conscious awareness where you take responsibility for yourself and your choices. You will learn practical ways to apply what we have covered in NYML101 and 201.  This is really about Being who you really are, a Divine Human, ready to begin Co-Creating the dream of Heaven on Earth!

  • Choice and Responsibility
  • Symbols and Metaphors as Messengers
  • Co-Creating the dream of Heaven on Earth


Prepay for All 3 Levels – $350.00


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